Friday, October 21, 2011

Some Assembly Required and a Quick Hello

Hello All!

My name is Marielle and I am currently an intern with Art Fortune and have the wonderful pleasure of getting the chance to work on this blog. I know it’s been a while since the last post and I hope to refresh things here with some new topics and consistent posts. There should be some good exploration of all things artistic including paintings, ceramic work, crafts, movies, books, and I’m sure other things that will manifest with time.

As a heads up for any one in Arizona around the Tempe area ASU does have a call for art for a show called Some Assembly Required. DEADLINE IS TODAY and I do apologize for the late notice. Some Assembly Required is now accepting 2D or 3D work from ASU students and community members. Send submissions to
Submissions are due October 21st so take some pictures and get to emailing. Specifics are on the Facebook event so take a quick gander. If you are just looking for a show to attend make sure to check it out November 7 through November 18 at the ASU Art Building West Annex and enjoy the local art.

I hope you all enjoy my time here and will take a look at our forums, Twitter account, and website for all things art!

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