Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Artists are Loose This Halloween

Happy Halloween weekend all!
If you are looking for something spooky for tonight or tomorrow I suggest a small indie film called Murder Party. This 2007 film follows Christopher Hawley about his Halloween evening as he receives an invitation to a murder party. Unknowingly, he falls into the trap of an overzealous lot of artists who wish to create the ultimate in art: murder. As one of the artist states, "His cause of death will read, ART!"
This fun thriller poses the question, what is art? There is some quirky banter between the artists revealing their secret fears, insecurities, and lies that they tell each other. There is also a good portrayal of what many sometimes perceive as the art type: crazy, frenetic, substance fueled, and overly sensitive. I enjoyed the movie's ingenuity and while I don't feel it gives a great picture of what an artist is, it's fun to see a horror film with that slant. Follow our forums to read about horror art or write if you have seen or end up watching this movie!

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