Thursday, February 4, 2010

“The main lesson for artists is that they should be adventurous, because even if they fail, they may still end up with something that people will respond to and gain recognition for their efforts.”

MOBA - or the Museum of Bad Art - prides itself on bad art and does so with dignity. Of all the work they receive only about 10% is accepted. Artwork is constantly being rejected in the categories of factory art, tourist art, painted on velvet, art painted by children, and kitschy motifs (like dogs playing with cards). But beyond those disqualifications, if an artist submits his own work and is rejected, it’s usually because it’s “just to good for us”. It’s a no-lose proposition. If their artwork is accepted, they get to be in the museum. If not, they can tell their friends and family that they were too good for MOBA.

The above painting is Lucy in the Field with Flowers.

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