Thursday, February 4, 2010

1917 - Marcel Duchamp poised ‘Fountain’ in a gallery. It was a urinal set to shock audiences into thinking for themselves.

1931 - Salvador Dali paints Hallucination Partielle: six appatitions de Lénine sur un piano. He sought not only to challenge the viewers taste, but also to disturb.

1963 - Andy Warhol produces the Eight Elvises. He has breached the boundaries between high and low art, placing the products of popular culture and consumer society in the revered space of the gallery. Eight Elvises is sold for $100 million.

2006 - “Sometimes I feel so sick at the state of the world I can’t even finish my second apple pie.” Underground Bristol Graffiti artist Banksy dresses an inflatable doll in Guantanamo Bay detainee camp prisoner and places it within the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride at the Disneyland theme park, California.

A friend of mine has started a thread at our forum if you’d like to discover more. We’re covering topics that range from what your most favorite controversial piece of art is, to the importance of controversy as well as censorship. Come join in on the discussion!

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