Thursday, November 3, 2011


Figures on a Beach. 1931. Picasso

Hello again! Sorry for all the hellos but I don't know if I get leave behind this simple greeting because it seems to add some formality that I feel is needed to get started. That being said, let's start looking at abstract art. I want to pose just a few questions and then tomorrow we can really look at some images.
The other day I had a dentist appointment with a man who is a very good dentist and a very horrible art appreciator. During the visit he both scoffed at Picasso and said "Bob Ross is very good." I'm not knocking Bob Ross, I grew up watching (and adoring) Bob Ross, but his work isn't in the same league as Picasso!

As a painter looking into abstract art I find this way of thinking sad. The lack of curiosity into what the brush strokes look like, how design and composition take the place of images we know. I understand that Picasso falls into the Cubist movement, but my poor dentist can only see something he can't understand. After this he then asked me, "Can it takes days to create an abstract painting?" I almost laughed, taken back by this blunt, but innocent, question. I responded that it can even take weeks or months; this seemed incomprehensible to him.
So what are your thoughts on abstract art? Is it an artless art or a treasure we should hold on to? The American Abstract Artists seem to think it's worth while. Next time I'll go over some more contemporary artists and hopefully we can get into some better discussion.

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