Monday, November 15, 2010

Argie Bandoy

Argie Bandoy is a Filipino artist currently showing at Tate Modern. The collection is called "Serial Killers: From Tate Modern to Taksu Singapore" It features multiple contemporary Filipino artists. But to me, Argie stands out. He shows us many mixed media collages (which happen to be my favorite medium). I came across a previous artist statement from him, genius.

1. Painting is overrated nowadays.
2. Painting is Brash and brute and dirty.
3. A Bad painting is a good painting.
4. Painting by manhandling the paint.
5. A good painting only exists in the imagination.
6. Painting always asks for more.
7. Painting is superficial.
8. Painting demands the painter’s flesh and blood.
9. A painter is a delusional being.
10. A Painting always contradicts the painter.
11. Aiming for Beauty produces unpleasant results.
12. Repulsive is better than playing nice.
13. Bad humor is always the best.
14. Painting is a cerebral activity.
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