Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Beauty of the Toy Camera

Have you heard of toy cameras? If not, I am more than happy to introduce you. There are many different kinds of toy cameras; the Holga, the Diana + and so on... what makes it "toy" is that the camera body is totally plastic, and only accepts film. This means that there will probably be light leaks and unpredictable results in your pictures. To some, this probably sounds like a horrifying nightmare! But to others, it is an extremem joy to work with. Take for example, these photos:

Don't those just look amazing? I found those pictures here.

If you are wandering how to get these effects and think that it might be just a little too complicated for you, think again! The entire process is (personally) very freeing, and loads of fun! Anyone can do it... and to prove it, I will show you some of my own toy camera pictures:

Let me give you some tips to start it off:
Multiple exposures!!!!
Long exposures!!!
Pick interesting and colorful subjects to shoot, and there you have it! Go ahead and give it a whirl!!!
The first couple of pictures, the photographer also used a colored flash! Throw that in too, and get ready for some NEAT photos!

...I got the rest of the photos from here.

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