Tuesday, January 12, 2010

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"My name is Josh. I currently have an internship at ArtFortune.com as a Graphic Designer but have been gaining proficient marketing technique knowledge. The website, ArtFortune.com, launched 3 months ago and we’re looking for your help! Presently, we’re looking for more members for our art forum, which, I’m not going lie, is like a ghost town. You’ll also notice that my posts on Tumblr are the exact same posts on the forum, which is great because I get to share my interests there and here. Anyway, I told my boss about Tumblr and she thought it was a great idea to lure in artists of all kinds, so don’t hesitate to sign up and start a discussion on our art forum. Hope everybody likes what I have to contribute and don’t forget to sign up at the art forum!"


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ArtFortune.com Announces Worldwide Debut

PHOENIX, Arizona – ArtFortune.com, a Phoenix based website firm, announced today its debut into the realm of online art networks. This monumental accomplishment will fuse art enthusiasts, buyers, sellers, and artists themselves together in one seamless meeting place that spans the entire globe.

Available in over 20 languages and seen in nearly 200 countries, ArtFortune.com is able to bring together the art from around the world into one impressive meeting place. Art Fortune is working on partnerships with museums, galleries and artists alike to offer clients unique art work, databases for information pertaining to art and forums where art related topics can be freely exchanged between members of the groundbreaking site.

Using state of the art technology, ArtFortune.com to provide features it is members that include the ability to upload high resolution images of artwork, safely store images with its database, connect with artists, galleries, and museums all over the globe, and even search for artists within a specified genre or regional area. Elena Kohn, president and founder of ArtFortune.com has been working tirelessly for the past few years to launch a website that encompassed each of these features and is now proud to announce its arrival to the world.

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